Irresponsible Bike Riders, how this affects All Road Users!

Driving on Indian roads is extremely dangerous with 1 death occurring every 4 minutes. Currently, the World Bank has stated in its report that India accounts for 11% of global road crash victims with only 1 per cent of the world’s vehicles.  According to New Indian Express, around 70% of bike fatalities involve youngsters (under the age of 20). Traffic officials are concerned about bike riders that do not follow road rules and continue to drive at high speeds. The loss of youth affects to whole community and our economy. Motorists face financial loss because of insurance premiums increasing so their no claims bonus is lost. They also face a loss of their time because they have to appear in court so they can prove their innocence.

Typically, in an accident involving a vehicle and a bike, the blame is usually placed on the vehicle driver. Without evidence to support your innocence, you will face the loss of your time and money.

To help four-wheel vehicle owners with this problem, SAFE CAMS has a wide range of dash cameras that have 170 degrees ultra-wide-angle lens as a standard feature. It allows you to capture any bikes weaving through traffic and those in your blind spots. So your dash camera will provide digital evidence in the event of an accident involving irresponsible bike riders. 

To know more about our wide ranges of dash cameras, visit our website, SAFE CAMS.

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