Support UN Safety Week by limiting speed in residential areas.


Road accidents in India

Indian road has witnessed 415 deaths per day in road accidents, the highest in the world, and losses amount to 3.14% of GDP. This equates to 1 person dying every 4 minutes on Indian roads. The World Bank has stated in its report that India accounts for 11% of global road crash victims with only 1 per cent of the world’s vehicles. Unfortunately, road accidents have continued to increase over the years.

UN 6th Road Safety Week

The 6th UN Global Road Safety Week, held 17-23 May 2021, highlights the benefits of low-speed urban streets as the heart of any community. The Week calls on policymakers to enact low-speed streets in cities worldwide, limiting speeds to 30 km/h (20 mph) in residential areas where people live, work and play. Low-speed streets make for cities that are not only safe but also healthy, green and livable under the slogan: #StreetsforLife #Love30 (or #Love20 where mph is used). The new global plan will help to connect the lessons and successes of the previous decade to prevent at least 50% of road traffic deaths and injuries by 2030. Road accidents is presently a global focus and now is the time to act!

To support the 6th UN Global Road Safety with the new global plan for the decade of action for road accidents and road safety, we have found a smart solution, The Driver State Monitor (DSM) by SAFE CAMS which captures drivers’ behavior whilst driving, such as harsh acceleration, harsh braking, sharp turns, and over-speeding. It has a built-in GPS which allows you to monitor if the driver is staying within the required speed limits, and it also has Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity, so you can view driver distraction alarms and incidents from anywhere in the world via our cloud platform.

The lower the speed of the vehicle, the lower the risk of injury & death.

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