Smart ways to reduce road accidents due to sleep disorders.


Road accidents in India

According to a World Bank study, sleep disorders can increase the risk of road accidents by 300%. India’s market share is 1% of total vehicles in the world but is responsible for 11% of all road accidents. India is one of the countries with an alarmingly high number of deaths attributed to road accidents. Last decade, road accidents resulted the deaths of 13 lakh people, 50-lakh people injured, as revealed by World Bank.

Many of the road accidents occur on Highways and expressways, involving huge trucks and commercial vehicles. The main reason is driver fatigue resulting in them falling off to sleep at the wheel. A study conducted in 2020 by Save LIFE Foundation and Mahindra that truck drivers, drive 12 hours a day. They cover around 417 km, with almost 50% of them admitting that they feel sleepy or tired while driving. Fatigue and sleep disorder continues to be one of the primary reasons for road accidents.

How to reduce accidents that occur due to lack of sleep?

Through research and development, we have found smart ways to prevent driver fatigue. One such solution is the Driver State Monitor(DSM) by SAFE CAMS which captures driver behavior. It also alerts a driver every time attention is drawn away from the road. Therefore, forcing the driver to take remedial action. Its Advanced AI can detect within 3 seconds if a driver is falling asleep or not paying attention on the road ahead. With its Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity, continuous alarms and incidents can be viewed from anywhere in the world via our cloud platform. The built-in GPS allows you to monitor if the driver is staying within the required speed limits.

To know more about the DSM, visit our website.

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