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Want to Keep An Eye ?

With the rising costs of fleet maintenance and fuel, can you afford to have preventable accidents?  Accidents cost India around 3.16% of GDP, according to transport Minister.  Speeding and drowsy driving being the prominent factors.

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How our SC2001AI (4G Camera) can help you to keep an eye on your fleet?

  • With 4G, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity as standard, the SC200 AI is in a class of its own with respect to feet management solutions in India.
  • Keeping track of your vehicle has never been more
    convenient with its inbuilt GPS tracker.
  • Your GPS location, vehicle data, alarms and event
    based videos are instantly uploaded to our cloud
    platform, for you to review via our intuitive
  • Behaviors such as harsh acceleration, harsh
    braking, sharp turns, and over-speeding are


Advanced AI

AI helps us capture what matters. Coach your drivers, mitigate risk, defend against fraudulent insurance claims and protect your company's reputation.

Live Video Streaming & Tracking

You can access your entire fleet from any device in the world via our Web, Android or IOS apps.

Driver Behavior Analysis

By using an advanced algorithm based on data obtained from the G-Sensor, GPS and gyroscope sensors we can rank your drivers to ensure that safety is a priority within your company.

Event Based Management

Allows you to manage your fleet by exceptions, saving you money and time as critical information or events are uploaded and brought to your attention in real time.

Direct Vehicle Calling

An easy accessible SOS button in the vehicle allows its occupants to alert the control centre of an emergency.

Class Connectivity & Sensor

With 4G, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity as standard, 4G camera is in a class.

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Want to Keep An Eye ?

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