SC DSM is an intelligent early warning driver monitor, based on video recognition technology using our advanced AI algorithm. It can detect driver fatigue, driver distraction, mobile phone use and smoking within seconds.

Our DSM (Driver State Monitor) will identify within 3 seconds if a driver is falling asleep or not paying attention to the road ahead. It alerts the driver via an audible warning and sends a video of the incident to the control centre. With its 4G connectivity, any incident can be viewed from anywhere in the world via our cloud platform. The built in GPS can ensure that the driver is staying within the required speed limits. Driver behaviour and driver ranking reports can be generated via our software solution on a periodic basis.

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How does our DSM work?

DSM Alarm Types

Driver Fatigue Alarm

Through facial, gesture and eye tracking, our DSM will detect if the driver’s eyes have been closed for more than 2 seconds. It also detects if a driver is yawning as this could indicate the driver is feeling drowsy. 

Driver Distraction Alarm

Through facial and head position tracking, the DSM will detect if the driver is not paying attention to the road ahead.

Tampering and Driver Switching Alarm

If the DSM camera is blocked or disconnected, the camera will alarm.  We can also add facial recognition to our camera, so if a driver swaps with another unauthorised driver, the camera will alarm

Mobile Phone Use Alarm

Through gesture detection, the DSM will detect if the driver is using their mobile phone while driving.

Speeding Alarm

Based on the speed computed from the GPS, the DSM can warm the driver of speeding.

Smoking Alarm

Through gesture and Infrared tracking, the DSM will detect if the driver is smoking.

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