2K DUAL Dash Camera

A Ultra High Definition dash camera that records in 2K.  The second camera records in Full HD and can be placed anywhere in the cabin, ensuring all round cover for your vehicle.

picture of SC01 dash camera
picture of function of dash camera SC01
2K Resolution Dash camera picture


SC01 Front Camera records in 2K (2560×1440) and is able to capture more details than a standard resolution camera.  The rear camera records in Full HD (1920×1080).

dual lens dash camera SC01
SC01 dash camera with GPS


GPS records location and speed data to view your journey on a map.  We have a GPS video player for MacOS and WIndows.


SC01 Dash Camera can be connected via Wi-Fi to your mobile phone.  This makes downloading and sharing of your video’s easy.  You can also control the dash camera from our App.  Available on both iOS and Android.

SC01 dash camera with Wi-Fi


Image without no low light sensor
Image with Low Light sensor

For the best night time footage a low light sensor is a must. Low light sensors are available on our entire range of Dash Cameras.


The SC01 has an ultra wide angle lens as compared to a mobile phone’s lens. It can capture up to 4 lanes of traffic, making it ideal for capturing video footage in front of your vehicle. As you can see, there are no blind spots with our dash camera.


Provides greater reliability and safety over a Lithium ion battery.  It can withstand higher temperatures without leaking or exploding, ideal for the hot Indian climate.  It lasts longer than a battery and charges much faster.

SC01 dash camera with supercapacitor

Continuous reCording

Even if the SD memory card is full. Older video files are overwritten so you always have the latest video footage.

LOOP Recording

Saves video files every 1 / 3 / 5 minutes so that you can quickly download the exact moment you require.

best dash cams

AUto start

As soon as you start your car, so does the dash camera, ensuring it captures every moment of your drive

G Sensor

Will sense any sudden acceleration, harsh braking or swerving. It will write protect that critical video footage to ensure it is not overwritten.