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Why choose SAFE CAMS

India’s #1 Dash Camera Brand, has been dedicated to dash cameras since 2019
Quality Assured

Our dash cameras undergo rigorous quality control checks, ensuring they work flawlessly. We prioritize durability and performance to meet your needs.

BIS Certification

All our products are Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certified, assuring you of their safety and compliance with Indian standards.

Help Center

Our extensive Help Centre provides installation videos and guides, making it your personal toolkit for hassle-free setup.

Secure Platform

Shop securely on our premium platform, which offers free delivery and a 14-day no-fuss return policy.


Buy with confidence! We offer a 1-year warranty on our dash cameras.

Proud Suppliers

We’re honored to be suppliers to the Indian Army and Dombivali Smart City Police-a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Why do I need Dash Camera?

Safety & Security Of Loved Ones

Your Dash Camera records everything that happens around and inside your vehicle, protecting you from accidents, road rage, and offenders. It also helps you monitor hired drivers who take your kids to school.

Saving of Your Time & Money

The video footage from your Dash Camera recordings can end arguments, speed up claims, and keep your bonus by showing you were not at fault in an accident. It can also be used as legal evidence.

Saving & Sharing Memories

Off-road and on-road enthusiasts, record all your thrilling driving adventures. You can download, edit and share your HD video footage on your favourite social media platform.

Clients that trust us

What Our Clients Have To Say

Being a frequent traveler due to nature of my job and it’s very important that I record every aspect of my travel and strong reasons a dash cam plays the role of a guardian as well as evidence during mishaps and also archives your entire trip whether its leisure or business. It’s fun to have one and it’s also equally important to buy a dash cam which not only should have the best of features, affordability but, also reliable in after sales service.

Danesh KV

Danesh KV


My dashcam helps capture dramatic, fun and sometimes dangerous videos when I am on the race track. It helps me review my drive, track condition and sometimes unexpected spin out footage on the track.

Danish Khan

Danish Khan


Driver safety is a huge topic right now, it is up to us to protect ourselves. Recently, when I was getting off work, driving back home like any other day. I had a close encounter of not one, but TWO red light runner. Almost got into an accident, luckily no one was hurt. I was lucky to have a dashcam installed, this dashcam is a silent witness that can save us from being blamed for an accident.

Harshit Sen

Harshit Sen


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