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First MSME Dash Camera Manufacturer in India

Pioneering Safety On Indian Roads
dash cam for car india

Make In India

Our manufacturing plant is based in Pune and we whole heartedly embrace the Make in India initiative.  SAFE CAMS is committed to the motto of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ (Self-Reliant India).

We manufacture products under our brand SAFE CAMS as well as white labelled dash cameras for our clients. Our white labelling solutions allows our clients to access high-quality, rigorously tested manufactured products that adhere to stringent Quality Control Standards. With white labelling, our customers can customize, package, and brand these products as their own.

We have the following certifications for our products which ensures compliance with quality, safety, and reliability standards. 
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dashboard camera for car
dashboard camera for car
dashboard camera for car
dashboard camera for car
dashboard camera for car
dash cam for car india

ZED Certified

We proudly hold the ZED certification, aligning with the Zero Defect, Zero Effect government initiative. Our commitment extends to implementing a lean manufacturing process, guided by our principles and continuous improvement methodologies. Our goal is to optimize processes, reduce inefficiencies, and minimize defects, ultimately enhancing overall operational efficiency. We believe that this proactive approach not only ensures superior product quality but also contributes to resource optimization in our manufacturing processes. 

Our White label manufacturing process

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Packaging and labelling

Unlock your brand's potential with our customized dash camera!

Are you a distributor, retailer, or business looking to expand your product line? Look no further! Our cutting-edge white label dash cameras offer unmatched quality, reliability and customization options.

When it comes to customized dash cameras, we’ve got you covered. Our bespoke solutions are meticulously crafted to meet your unique requirements. Whether you need specialized features, branding, or tailored specifications, our team ensures that your dash camera is made to order Experience safety and innovation like never before!

Bespoke High precision GPS module

dash cam for car india

An AI Road survey company approached us with a critical need: integrating a high-precision GPS receiver into their dash cameras. Their requirements were clear: seamless detachability, rapid video file uploads to servers, and enhanced AI accuracy through high frame rate video.

We meticulously crafted a solution that met their exacting standards:

High-Precision GPS Receiver –  Our dual-band GPS receiver delivered pinpoint accuracy, maintaining a deviation of just 2.5 meters. This precision ensured reliable location data for their road survey applications.

Innovative Magnetic Clip System – To address the detachability requirement, we designed an ingenious magnetic clip system. Drivers can effortlessly remove the camera for file uploads while ensuring secure attachment to the windscreen during travel.

Cutting-Edge Technology – We integrated the latest Novatek chipset, complemented by a Sony Low light sensor. The result? Crystal-clear video quality at an impressive frame rate of 60 frames per second. Our solution empowered their AI algorithms with rich visual data.

The camera underwent rigorous laboratory testing under IS 616:2017 standards. Our commitment to quality was validated with a BIS certification. Additionally, we conducted speed tests to verify accuracy across different driving conditions. We also developed a GPS logger that only had a 0.5s interval between GPS points.

We personalized the camera and GPS unit by pad printing the client’s logo. The packaging featured two foam inserts: the camera and GPS module rested on the top insert, while wiring and the car charger were neatly packed below. The outer box sleeve proudly displayed the client’s custom design.

AMAZON BASICS White Label Solution

Amazon Basics, a trusted brand, sought our expertise to create a cutting-edge dash camera that met their specific requirements. Their mandate included full HD video quality, GPS functionality, and adherence to a predefined budget. As an MSME (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise) with a robust manufacturing capability in India, we were well-positioned to deliver.

We meticulously crafted a dash camera solution that seamlessly blended technical prowess with cost-effectiveness:

Sharp Clarity, Full HD Imaging: Our dash camera boasts a 2MP CMOS image sensor, capturing razor-sharp images and recording videos in full HD 1080p resolution. Whether it’s capturing license plates or scenic vistas, clarity is our priority.

Elegance in Design: The camera’s ultra-light, non-intrusive design ensures it occupies minimal space on your windshield while maximizing your field of view. Safety meets aesthetics seamlessly.

Wide-Angle Lens for Comprehensive Coverage: With a 150° wide-angle lens, blind spots become a thing of the past. Our camera provides a clear view of up to 6 lanes on the road, enhancing safety and situational awareness.

Smart Connectivity via Built-in WiFi: Stay connected effortlessly. The built-in WiFi feature allows direct smartphone connectivity. Real-time playback, video downloads, and footage viewing are at your fingertips.

Precision GPS Tracking: Our powerful GPS receiver accurately records your driving location. Whether it’s for navigation or incident analysis, you’re covered.

Nighttime Brilliance with WDR and Low Light Sensor: Driving after dark? No problem. Our Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology and Low Light Sensor ensure crystal-clear videos even in challenging low-light conditions.

Rigorous laboratory testing, compliant with IS 616:2017 standards, validated our commitment to quality. BIS certification further attests to our camera’s reliability. Additionally, we secured WPC certification for WiFi functionality and RohS compliance for responsible e-waste management.

Amazon Basics’ stringent labelling requirements were met meticulously. Our custom-printed box, complete with foam inserts, securely cradles the camera. A smaller box houses the car charger power cable and a convenient pry tool for hassle-free installation.

dash cam for car india

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