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A Comprehensive Guide

As the adoption of dash cameras grows in India, we recognize that navigating the terminology and features can be overwhelming. Fear not! Our goal is to simplify your purchase decision by demystifying the essential aspects of dash cameras.

Understanding Key Features

  • Terminology Decoded: Like any electronic product, dash cameras come with their own jargon. We break down these terms, ensuring you grasp the significance of each feature.
  • Feature Spotlight: Our guide outlines all the critical functions a dash cam can offer. From video quality to impact detection, we’ve got you covered.

Must-Have Features

Certain features are non-negotiable for today’s dash cameras. These essentials include:

  • Full HD Resolution: To capture crystal-clear footage the min resolution should be Full HD (1080p).
  • Wide-Angle Recording: To cover the entire road ahead, the min wide angle lens should be 130° to ensure that up to 3 lanes in front of the vehicle are covered.
  • Audio Recording: Used to narrate incidents or to add context to your videos.
  • Ample Storage Capacity (Micro SD Card): Ensure that the Micro SD card is compatible. Our Endurance Pro cards are specifically designed for dash cams with continuous recording, the Endurance Pro Micro SD cards are V30 class and offer 5000 read-write cycles. They ensure reliable performance and allow for overwriting old video files, optimizing storage space.
  • Emergency Recording with Built-in G-Sensor: A G-sensor that automatically write-protects your video recordings upon detecting sudden shakes or collisions. This ensures that crucial evidence for unexpected events is preserved. Emergency videos are securely locked on the dash cam’s SD card, preventing them from being overwritten by regular video files.
  • Superior Night Vision with WDR Technology: Equipped with a low light sensor and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology, a dash cam will excel in capturing clear details even during nighttime. It can effectively record road signs, license plates, and signal lights.
  • Continuous Recording: Even if the SD memory card is full. Older video files are overwritten so you always have the latest video footage.
  • Loop recording: Saves video files every 1/3/5 minutes so that you can quickly download the exact moment you require.
  • Auto start: As soon as you start your car, so does the dash camera, ensuring it captures every moment of your drive.
  • BIS Certification: The dash cam must bear the BIS certification markings, signifying rigorous laboratory testing. This guarantees robustness and the highest quality of components employed in their manufacture. BIS certification serves as India’s hallmark of excellence, aligning with international standards for quality assurance.

Our Commitment

Rest assured; our entire camera range incorporates these must-have features. Your safety and peace of mind are our top priorities.

Components Of a Dash Cam

car cameras for security

LENS Construction, the heart of your dash cam

6 Element ultra wide angle lens design

car cameras for security

CMOS Low light sensor

Sharp Clear Images – Equipped with a 2MP CMOS image sensor, it captures sharp, clear images and records videos in full HD 1080p.

Suited for Night Driving – The WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) and Low light sensor enhances image quality, ensuring crystal-clear videos even in low-light conditions or during nighttime driving.

Innovative features that enhance your dash cam experience

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Super Capacitor for Durability and Temperature Resistance

The built-in super capacitor enhances durability and withstands extreme temperatures. With a range from -25°C to 85°C, this dash cam is suitable for any weather conditions, whether scorching hot or freezing cold.

dash cam for car india

LCD Screen

You can get instant video playback and visual confirmation with an LCD screen. You can conveniently play back recorded videos directly on the dashcam, eliminating the need to connect to external devices. Additionally, the screen provides real-time feedback, allowing you to verify that the dashcam is recording correctly.

Safe Cams SD Card

Parking Guard Functionality

When connected via the SAFE CAMS Hardwire Kit (included), our Dash Cam transforms into a reliable parking guard. If the camera detects any motion around your parked vehicle (such as someone breaking a window or colliding with your car), it automatically switches on and records the incident.

Safe Cams SD Card

Vehicle Battery Protection

The dashcam features an intelligent SAFE GUARD function that safeguards your vehicle’s battery. When the voltage falls below a pre-set level, the dashcam automatically shuts down, preventing any potential battery discharge issues.

Safe Cams SD Card

Hardwire Kit

The hardwire kit allows the dash camera to connect directly to your vehicles power supply, thereby ensuring that whenever you switch your car on, so does your dash camera turn on and start recording – The hardwire kit also supports the parking guard function.

dash cam for car india

GPS Logger

The built-in GPS logger ensures reliable and secure connectivity. It monitors and displays real-time trip data, including time, speed (in km/h), and coordinates, directly in the recorded videos. This information is crucial for roadside assistance and insurance claims.

Safe Cams SD Card

3M double-sided tape mount

In countries with hot weather, opting for a 3M double-sided tape mount over a suction cup mount for your dash camera offers several advantages. It provides a strong and permanent bond. Unlike suction cups, which can easily detach due to prolonged exposure to high temperatures and sunlight, the adhesive mount remains securely attached to your windshield. Suction cup mounts are more prone to vehicle vibration, resulting in shaky and blurry video footage. In contrast, adhesive mounts offer greater stability.

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