Safe Cams your digital eye on the road, an Indian Dash Camera brand was established in 2018.  Our main objective is to provide our road users with a new safety device for their vehicles, called a Dash Camera.  A Dash Cameras acts like “CCTV” for your vehicle, as it provides vital video evidence of any incidents.

We believe that by bringing awareness of the number of daily traffic accidents occurring, we can help reduce these numbers. By arming motorists with dash cameras, we’ll have more dash camera videos to analyse. These videos will help us understand what causes serious accidents and how to avoid them.

Our roads are dangerous!


Source: Provisional data shared by States with Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety.

In 2019, the number of people that died due to road accidents was 1.49 lakhs.  Every 4 minutes one person dies on our roads.  To reduce these fatalities, we have to come up with innovative ways to prevent accidents and to create safer driving conditions.  This is where we think dash cameras can play a important role as they creating safer driving conditions. Think about it, when you know you are being recorded/watched you automatically pay more attention to the road and traffic rules.  

Dash Cameras offer a sense of security to law abiding drivers because they provide an independent video footage that will prove their innocence in an accident.  We have designed a driver state monitor which is a camera that actively monitors the driver. If it detects that the driver is not paying attention to the road or falling asleep at the wheel, it immediately alerts the driver and prevents an accident.

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