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Cutting edge AI video solutions to manage your fleet

SAFE CAMES AI Camera Main features

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High Definition Video Footage

Full HD video with Infrared LED for night vision and high enough clarity to capture the smallest details. Our wide angle cabin lens lets you monitor the entire cabin area.

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Real time driver communication & in-cab alerts

Built-in audio speaker supports optional in-cab voice calling. Contacting your driver on a mobile phone is considered dangerous while he is driving, our cameras offer you a direct line to your drivers without distracting them.
ALL AI ALARMS WILL TRIGGER A VOICE ALERT which will enable the driver to take corrective action.

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Alarm management and dashboard

Our cloud-based software empowers management to monitor their fleet effortlessly.
Our cutting-edge AI camera systems act as vigilant sentinels. When triggered, they send instant alarm notifications to our cloud servers with the following critical information - GPS position, 10s video of the incident, time of the incident, vehicle and driver info.
Armed with this comprehensive data, management can review and analyze incidents and make an informed decision.

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AI Optimized Processor

Advanced edge computing allows for faster detection times so drivers can react to the camera’s warnings, thereby preventing accidents before they occur.

Our AI Camera Range

AI Dash Cameras
AI Dash Cameras
AI Dash Cameras

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Key DSM Features

The device can detect signs of driver distraction, such as driver is looking left or right while driving, helping to improve safety.

The camera can identify abnormal driver behavior, such as sudden movements or if the driver is trying to move out of the camera’s target AI area, then the camera provides an alert to mitigate these risks.

Receive alerts when the driver is using a mobile phone while driving, promoting safer driving habits.

The device can detect signs of driver fatigue or drowsiness, providing alerts to prevent accidents. (Eye closing, yawning and drooping head)

The device can also detect whether the driver is wearing a seat belt thereby, promoting compliance with safety regulations.

Key ADAS Features

The camera detects if your vehicle has drifted out of its lane.

The device can detect pedestrians in the vehicle’s path and provide a warning to alert the driver and prevent collisions.

The camera monitors the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead, providing a warning if a collision is imminent.

The device monitors the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front, providing a warning if you are following too closely.

SAFE CAMS Implemented Solutions

Pioneering Safety Innovations for Employee Transport and Mining Vehicles

Vedanta, one of India’s leading mining conglomerates, operates extensive coal, iron, and aluminium mining and processing facilities across the nation. As a key player in the mining industry, the company places paramount importance on the safety of its employees and assets, a responsibility diligently upheld by its management.

The safety division of IOK sought to enforce Vedanta’s safety standards within the mine. They required an AI camera system capable of alerting both the driver and management in instances of driver fatigue, distraction, mobile phone usage, and seat belt non-compliance. Additionally, they expressed interest in monitoring the vehicle’s cabin.

The same AI camera system was to be installed in passenger transport vehicles to ensure the safety of employees commuting to and from the mine, further emphasizing the company’s commitment to safety.

We recommended the SC-AI04, our premier camera solution, equipped with strategic AI capabilities:

  • Cabin Camera (DSM): Utilizing AI algorithms, the driver’s behaviour was monitored for signs of fatigue, distraction, mobile phone usage, and seat belt compliance. Full HD cameras with colour were introduced for cabin view.
  • Front-Facing Camera (ADAS): The AI system monitored vehicles or pedestrians in front of the vehicle, providing real-time alerts to the driver if a collision threat was detected.
  • Cloud-Based Video Surveillance Software: This allowed management to receive real-time alerts from vehicles in their fleet. The ability to track and live stream video also facilitated easy fleet monitoring.
  • Driver Identification: Each camera solution could store up to 10 drivers’ faces and would run an identification scan when the vehicle was started and every 5 minutes thereafter to ensure the correct employee was driving the vehicle.

The SC-AI04 integrated seamlessly with the vehicle’s power system via our hardwire kit, boasting an impressive 94% accuracy rate for reliable performance.

Connectivity and Alarms: The SC-AI04 connected to the 4G mobile network for continuous data transmission. Alarms and alerts were promptly relayed to management for review. However, due to the mine’s remote location, 4G connectivity was not always available. Our solution stored all relevant alarms and GPS data until the device connected to the mobile network, at which point all stored alarms were uploaded for management review.

Seat Belt AI: We successfully trained our AI to detect if the driver was correctly wearing his seat belt. This task was challenging due to the reflective safety jackets worn by the mine drivers. We had to train the AI to detect only the seat belt and ignore the reflection from the safety jackets.

Adjusting the Sensitivity of our ADAS AI: Different regions of India required us to modify or recalibrate our AI to prevent excessive false positive alarms. For instance, the pedestrian collision alarm would only be triggered if a pedestrian was detected on the road in cities with pavements or walkways. In rural areas, pedestrians often walk on the roads, leading to numerous alarms. We adjusted the sensitivity of our AI and narrowed the detection field for potential collision risks, reducing the number of alarms and facilitating management’s review of driver performance based on exceptions.

Enhancing Safety and Efficiency: Hyundai India’s Test

Hyundai India’s testing divisions operate rigorous test cycles, covering over 700 kilometres per day with their fleet of test vehicles. These vehicles were initially equipped with non-AI cameras lacking a 4G connection for live streaming. Recognizing the paramount importance of driver safety during road tests, management sought a comprehensive solution to address critical requirements.

  • AI Dash Camera: The need for an AI-powered dash camera capable of detecting driver fatigue, distractions, and mobile phone usage. Timely warnings to drivers were essential to prevent accidents.
  • Real-Time Tracking and Monitoring: The ability to track and monitor test vehicles in real time, accessible via mobile phones or PCs.
  • Comprehensive Camera System: A camera system capturing the front outside view, rear outside view, and cabin view. Video data storage had to be secure, ensuring availability for incidents requiring review by relevant authorities.

We proposed deploying the SC-AI03, a three camera solution strategically equipped with AI capabilities:

  • Cabin Camera (DSM): AI algorithms monitored the driver’s behaviour, detecting signs of fatigue or distraction or mobile phone usage while driving.
  • Front-Facing Camera (ADAS): AI monitored vehicles or pedestrians in front of the vehicle and providing real-time alerts to the driver if these vehicles or pedestrians were a collision threat.

The SC-AI03 seamlessly integrated with the vehicle’s power system via the cigarette lighter charger. Its impressive 92% accuracy rate ensured reliable performance.

Connectivity and Alarms: The SC-AI03 connected to the 4G mobile network, allowing continuous data transmission. Alarms and alerts were promptly relayed to management for review. Hyundai’s fleet of test vehicles could now be efficiently managed, with a single employee per shift. Our solution enabled focused attention on relevant incidents, streamlining fleet management through exceptions.

Live Streaming for Effective Oversight: Live video streaming facilitated efficient driver management during specific times and critical segments of the journey. Hyundai’s management gained real-time insights, ensuring optimal utilization of resources.

Leveraging Video Footage: Additionally, Hyundai harnessed the saved video footage to vindicate test drivers involved in minor accidents. The recorded evidence played a crucial role in establishing innocence and resolving incidents swiftly.

In summary, our comprehensive solution empowered Hyundai India to enhance safety, streamline operations, and maintain a proactive approach to test vehicle management.

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