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The Smart City Project in Dombivli Kalyan sought to enhance police surveillance capabilities by equipping their vehicles with 4G-connected cameras. These cameras were intended to expand the police’s monitoring area. However, privacy considerations necessitated deploying our solution on the Smart City Project’s secure servers

Dashcamera Functionality: The system needed to record both the interior cabin area and the external surroundings of police vehicles. The captured footage should be clear and detailed enough to issue traffic challans.

Uninterrupted Recording: To ensure continuous operation, the camera device required an external battery power supply. Even when the vehicle was switched off, the camera should remain functional.

We recommended deploying the MDVR8102 camera system, which offers versatile rotation capabilities. This system allows the camera to face either inside the vehicle cabin or outward. Additionally, we incorporated a 10-hour backup battery (utilizing Lithium Iron Phosphate technology) with an extended lifespan and resilience to high temperatures. This battery ensured that the camera remained operational even when the vehicle was powered off. During vehicle operation, the battery would recharge, ensuring uninterrupted camera usage.

The primary challenge arose from the substantial data volume recorded by the camera. Uploading this data via the 4G network was impractical. To address this, we strategically established WiFi download stations at each police station within the Smart City. When police vehicles approached these stations, they automatically connected to WiFi, allowing seamless upload of all captured video footage to the secure police servers

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