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A dash cam hardwire kit establishes a direct connection between your dash cam and your car’s electrical system. It provides continuous power to the dash cam, especially for parking mode recording. 

Including an SD card in the package makes installation hassle-free.  (HIGH ENDURANCE CARDS)

Features & Benefits

Why Single Dash Camera?

  • The Wide Angle Lens (150 degrees) in our single dash cameras will capture everything around the vehicle.
  • Recording at 1080p ensures that crucial details like vehicle number plates are captured with clarity. This resolution is essential for identifying incidents. LOW LIGHT SENSOR – CAPTURE IMAGES AT NIGHT 
  • WiFi makes it convenient to transfer footage to other devices or access it remotely.  
  • GPS feature can provide valuable information about location and speed during incidents .
  • Metal body adds durability and robustness to the camera. Being lightweight and discreet is excellent. It won’t obstruct your view or draw unnecessary attention. 
  • Ample storage capacity — up to 128 GB — ensures you won’t run out of space  
  • 3M Mounting for hot weather. 
car cameras for security

6 Element ultra wide angle lens design

car cameras for security

CMOS Low light sensor

Sharp Clear Images – Equipped with a 2MP CMOS image sensor, it captures sharp, clear images and records videos in full HD 1080p.

Suited for Night Driving – The WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) and Low light sensor enhances image quality, ensuring crystal-clear videos even in low-light conditions or during nighttime driving.


Even if the SD memory card is full. Older video files are overwritten so you always have the latest video footage.


Saves video files every 1/3/5 minutes so that you can quickly download the exact moment you require.

car cameras for security


As soon as you start your car, so does the dash camera, ensuring it captures every moment of your drive


Will sense any sudden acceleration, harsh braking or swerving. It will write protect that critical video footage to ensure it is not overwritten.

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