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  • A2 Front And Cabin Camera
  • A2 Front And Cabin Camera
  • A2 Front And Cabin Camera
  • A2 Front And Cabin Camera

A2 Front and Cabin Cam + Car Charger + 128GB SD Card

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dash cam for car india

Product Features:

Safe Cams SD Card

Superior Night Vision with WDR Technology

Equipped with an F2.0 aperture and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology, our dash cam excels in capturing clear details even during nighttime. It can effectively record road signs, license plates, and signal lights. The wide dynamic range and excellent low-light performance make it ideal for capturing maximum details in various lighting conditions

Safe Cams SD Card

Wide-Angle Lens and High-Performing CMOS Sensor

The dash cam records in 1080P full HD, providing crisp and detailed footage. Its 150° wide-angle field of view covers up to three lanes of traffic, meeting essential daily needs. The 5MP CMOS sensor, combined with a 6-element full-glass lens and an IR filter, ensures sharp video quality. Unlike ordinary dashcams that may produce blurred images in hot weather, our SAFE CAMS with an all-glass arrangement maintain clarity regardless of temperature.

Safe Cams SD Card

Emergency Recording with Built-in G-Senso

The dash cam features a built-in G-sensor that automatically write-protects your video recordings upon detecting sudden shakes or collisions. This ensures that crucial evidence for unexpected events is preserved. Emergency videos are securely locked on the dash cam’s SD card, preventing them from being overwritten by regular video files. Additionally, older footage is automatically replaced with the latest recordings to optimize space utilization on your micro memory card.

Safe Cams SD Card

SAFE CAMS Endurance Pro Micro SD Cards – 64GB

Specifically designed for dash cameras with continuous recording, the Endurance Pro Micro SD cards are V30 class and offer 5000 read-write cycles. They ensure reliable performance and allow for overwriting old video files, optimizing storage space.

dash cam for car india

GPS Logger

The built-in GPS logger ensures reliable and secure connectivity. It monitors and displays real-time trip data, including time, speed (in km/h), and coordinates, directly in the recorded videos. This information is crucial for roadside assistance and insurance claims.

dash cam for car india

Super Capacitor for Durability and Temperature Resistance

The built-in super capacitor enhances durability and withstands extreme temperatures. With a range from -25°C to 85°C, this dash cam is suitable for any weather conditions, whether scorching hot or freezing cold.

Safe Cams SD Card

3M double-sided tape mount

In countries with hot weather, opting for a 3M double-sided tape mount over a suction cup mount for your dash camera offers several advantages. It provides a strong and permanent bond. Unlike suction cups, which can easily detach due to prolonged exposure to high temperatures and sunlight, the adhesive mount remains securely attached to your windshield. Suction cup mounts are more prone to vehicle vibration, resulting in shaky and blurry video footage. In contrast, adhesive mounts offer greater stability.

Safe Cams SD Card

BIS Certified: Ensuring Quality and Durability

Our entire camera range proudly bears the BIS certification, signifying rigorous laboratory testing. Each camera has been meticulously evaluated to guarantee robustness and the highest quality of components employed in their manufacture. BIS certification serves as India’s hallmark of excellence, aligning with international standards for quality assurance.

dash cam for car india

LCD Screen

You can get instant video playback and visual confirmation with an LCD screen. You can conveniently play back recorded videos directly on the dashcam, eliminating the need to connect to external devices. Additionally, the screen provides real-time feedback, allowing you to verify that the dashcam is recording correctly.

Additional information





Maximum Video Resolution

2K Front and 1080P Cabin


170-degree Ultra-wide-angle

Video Format

H.265 / MP4 format


2" IPS Screen

No. of cameras

Two Cameras



Low Light Sensor




Maximum Digital Storage Capacity

Up to 256GB Micro SD Card V30




3M Sticker

Connector Type

Micro USB

Internal Power Supply

Super capacitor

DC Power Supply

Car Charger input 12-24V output 5V/1.5A

Collision Sensor


Loop Recording


Audio Recording


Parking Guard



Android & IOS

Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature


Included Components

Front Dash Cam with Cabin Dash Cam, 128GB V30 Micro SD card, Car Charger, Warranty Card

Country of Manufacture


BIS certification

Yes – R-71024252


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