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GST reductions on Dash cams

The Indian GST council has just announced that GST reductions coming soon on dash cams and on digital video recorders. From 28% to 18% effective on 1 January 2019. So, This is a good news for those who are going to buy a dash camera for their car.

A Dashboard Cam is a small, windscreen mounted, in car camera recording everything in-front of the driver.  Actually, the Dash Cam becomes your independent digital eyewitness. Dash camera’s video footage can be used in a court of law . It can be show to your insurance company or local police to prove your innocence. When the car is in parking, dashcams can capture video and picture evidence. Some dashcams include touch screens, which vary in size the wider ones are usually mounted on the rearview mirror. In this way a dash cam helps you in many places and with GST reduction dash cams will be available in less price.

So normally Safe Cams would love you to buy our Dashboard cameras, but if you can save an additional 10% why not? Once the GST reduction come into effect. We will be passing on the entire savings to our customers. We provide best features which are needed in a best dash cam you can visit to our shop for more details. 

As GST reductions is coming on dash cams so you can buy with confidence from India’s No 1 Dash Cam Supplier Safe Cams. With our 1 year warranty and excellent customer service, you know you are in safe hands.

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