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According to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, 1,50,785 people were killed and 4,94,624 were injured in 4,80,652 road crashes in India in 2016. This translates to one death every 4 minutes. The number of road crash deaths have increased by 31% from 2007 to 2017. With more vehicles using existing road infrastructure these numbers are sure to increase. According to above numbers dash cams are essential in todays traffic.

Benefit of Dash cams 

With an increase in rash driving and under-age driver incidents, how can a responsible driver protect himself and his family?. A good solution is to install a Dash Cam. A small, windscreen-mounted, in-car camera so that record everything in front of the driver. Think of it like “CCTV” for your car. They are easy to install and record continuously whilst the car is switched on. Now a responsible driver is never alone with the Dash Cam being his irrefutable digital eyewitness.

Another safety feature is that a Dash Cam acts a deterrent for would be criminals, just like how shops tell you to “smile you are on camera” to deter would be shoplifters. In fact this feature works well for lady drivers who are driving alone. As the Dash Cam becomes their digital recording passenger. Frequently a mob will gather around an accident scene so, you can ensure your safety by staying in your vehicle and providing the digital evidence directly to the police. In this way dash cams are essential in todays traffic.

My family’s safety was the primary reason why I purchased my Dash Cam two years ago. Sad to say, there were very few options available at that time. The Dash Cams on offer were either of a very poor quality or imported from Europe at exorbitant prices. This led me to investigate and test different Dash Cams from suppliers for Indian road conditions. I am now in a position to offer a range of Dash Cams that are affordable, of a high quality and carry a one year warranty valid throughout India. I want to offer responsible drivers in India a way to feel secure and safe on the road again.

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