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A dashboard camera is an onboard car camera that continuously records the view through a vehicle’s front windscreen.  Think of it like “CCTV” for your car and here are 5 reasons why owning a dash camera in India is essential: 

1. A dash camera’s video footage provides vital evidence in a road accident 

Accidents occur every day on our roads. To ensure that you are protected against false claims by having a dash camera installed.  The camera’s footage can be used in a court of law and shown to your local police to prove your innocence.  Don’t be the innocent victim that pays for damages in an accident that was not your fault. Save your money by owning a dash camera.   

2. A parking guard for your vehicle

How often have you parked your vehicle and upon returning you found it scratched or dented?. Most times the culprit will not even leave a note. With a dash camera you will be able to identify the culprit as any bump or movement around your parked car is recorded.   

3. Protects you and your family 

Your family’s safety is your number one concern in these troubling times. A dash camera has lots of useful features and that can help you keep an eye on your family and vehicle.  A cabin facing camera allows you to keep an eye on your hired driver while he drops your kids off at school.  Know exactly where your vehicle is with GPS tracking. so, You can feel safe knowing your dash camera is an effective deterrent for any criminal elements.  

4. It stops you becoming a victim to fraud 

The number of fraudulent accidents is on the increase.  Criminals target unsuspecting drivers by causing fake accidents.  They then proceed to blame the innocent driver and extort money from him.  Having a dash camera will ensure that you don’t fall victim to their antics. Due to the increase in insurance fraud, insurance companies are taking longer to pay out your claims. so, Speed up this process by submitting your video footage from your dash camera.   

5. Share your scenic route memories 

Driving is a thrilling experience especially when you are exploring the beautiful parts of our country.  Now you can share these breathtaking scenes with a video from your dash camera.  

Now you have 5 essential reasons to buy a dash camera in India. To find out more about dash cameras and their useful features, visit us at Safe Cams, the #1 Indian dashboard camera brand. 

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