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Dashboard cameras have been available in international markets like the UK, USA and Russia for some time. Drivers from these countries know that a dashboard camera is a good investment.  The camera can be easily installed in a vehicle and will record clear video footage even when the vehicle is being driven at speed. Think of the dashboard camera as “CCTV” for your car, keeping a watchful eye on your asset.  

Independent Eyewitness 

In the event of an accident, the dashboard camera’s video footage will be used as evidence for your insurance claim and in a court of law if you have any disputes. The video footage is considered as an independent eyewitness and will show exactly who was at fault in the accident.  This will save you time and money with your insurance company as it will speed up your claim and reduce your excess as you have the evidence to proof the accident was not your fault.  The evidence can also be shown to the local police to ensure that you are not detained unjustly. So above reasons shows that dashboard camera is a good investment for your valuable car.

Parking Guard 

The dashboard camera can also monitor your parked vehicle.  In parking guard mode,  the dash camera will turn on and start recording as soon as detects movement. (like when someone bumps your vehicle or breaks your vehicle’s window)  The video evidence of this incident will help identify the culprit who damaged your parked vehicle. 

Monitor your hired driver 

There are dual dashboard camera’s that can monitor the inside of your car as well. This helps keep an eye on your hired driver, ensuing that he is not misusing your vehicle or making private trips without your consent. 

All these features make buying a dashboard camera is a good investment for the safety conscience car owner.  Owning the right dashboard camera will give you peace of mind while driving on the road. Let our expert’s guide you in choosing the best camera based on your needs and budget. 

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